Ice Cube joined the show to talk about his role in 21 Jump Street and more.

Cube said he played Captain Dixon in the movie — the stereotypical loud captain.

Dan asked Cube his favorite rap star. “Chuck D,” Ice Cube said. “It was the time, the impact, the ferocious style. He was rapping and saying something. He wasn’t just rapping to riddle.”

Ice Cube never expected NWA to go mainstream. They were underground, and he thought they’d stay there.

Ice Cube and Dan also talked about the NBA. Ice Cube said the Clippers got a little cocky this year, like they were going to take L.A. Dan asked Ice Cube if the Clippers won a title, would they take over the town. “What’s that mean?” Ice Cube said. “It’s a lonely banner.”

Ice Cube said that having a team in Los Angeles is a dream for him. But he doesn’t think the NFL will let a new guy own the team, because they’ll make too much money.