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Thursday: Sal Paolantonio

Los Angeles Dodgers manager Don Mattingly joined the show to talk about

Dan asked Mattingly what was the biggest thing he learned in his first year as a manager. Mattingly said he’s a quiet guy and he had to learn to be more assertive and call guys out.

Mattingly said he was surprised that Albert Pujols left St. Louis. But he likes Pujols a lot — saying he’s a leader, both on the team and in the community.

Mattingly commented on the new wild card system. He likes it, especially because it pressures teams to win the division so they can set up their pitching rotation.

Dan and Mattingly discussed Ryan Braun and PEDs. Mattingly said it wasn’t around as much when he played. “I’m kind of glad I wasn’t part of that,” Mattingly said, “because I would have had to answer questions.”

Dan asked Mattingly if he would have been tempted to take something. “I think so,” Mattingly said. “You say you want to be stand up and do the right thing. But I went through injuries. … I don’t think you look at the ramifications when you’re young. You think you’re bulletproof. I think I would have been tempted.”

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