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Friday: Brian Kelly

FOX’s John Lynch joined the show to talk about Peyton Manning, bounties and more.

Lynch weighed in on Manning’s future. He thinks that Manning was lying when he said he hasn’t looked at which team he could join.

Lynch also talked about the possibility of his former team the Broncos. Lynch commented on John Elway’s take: “He’s not in there to get to the final eight. He wants to win a championship. He believes in his heart you need a franchise quarterback.”

Lynch thinks Peyton would be good for Tim Tebow if he did come to Denver.

Lynch talked about what Gregg Williams was trying to achieve with bounties. He said it probably created unity for the defensive unit. But Lynch didn’t like it. “I think it was unnecessary,” Lynch said. “Guys should be out there trying to inflict pain. But that’s different than trying to hurt someone.”

Lynch also talked about how they changed the rules and wouldn’t admit it. Lynch came in to the league in 1993 and guys used the top of their helmet all the time. Lynch said that things have changed, and finally the NFL acknowledged the game is different.

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