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Thursday: John Fogerty in studio
Thursday: Jeff Daniels in studio

Colorado Rockies starter Jamie Moyer joined the show to talk about making the starting rotation at 49.

“I came to camp here and I was on a mission,” Moyer said.

Dan asked Moyer if he was going to play next year. Moyer said that he’s going to take it one year at a time.

Moyer said the Rockies are young this year — except for him — and they can potentially surprise a lot people.

Moyer said that he has two sons who are about to be draft-eligible. Dan asked about potentially facing them. “I think I know the book on them,” Moyer said. “They think they know the book on Dad. But they haven’t faced Dad as a competitor.”

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Paul Pabst"Comedy is tougher...smaller target to hit." - Jeff Daniels on doing comedy/drama.44 mins ago
Andrew Perloff@jreagan829 We'll ask!52 mins ago

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