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Thursday: Ben Stiller

NBC’s Hines Ward joined the show to talk about some of the big storylines around the League.

Ward commented on the Jevon Belcher and the guns in the NFL.

“A lot of my teammates had a lot of guns,” Ward said. “But the policy was you couldn’t bring guns onto the facility.”

Ward said a lot of teammates liked to hunt. Ward said he has a gun for protection at home.

Ward said that his first thought when he heard about the Belcher murder-suicide was about the three-month old child.

Ward also weighed in on former Steelers teammate Ben Roethlisberger’s playing style. “It’s the reason he’s had a lot of success,” Ward said. “It’s also the reason he’s been injured.”

Ward said that Robert Griffin III should be concerned about the hits he’s taking. Ward said RGII should call Michael Vick and get some advice about playing that style. “As he gets older,” Ward said, “he can’t continue to take those hits,”

Dan asked Ward about the developments with Baltimore’s Ed Reed, who has been labeled a dirty player. Ward laughed because Reed called Ward a dirty player. Dan asked Ward if he was indeed dirty.

“I took a defensive approach and applied it to the offensive side of the ball,” Ward said.

Ward said that there are players who don’t like him. He said the Ravens’ Terrell Suggs didn’t want to talk to him after a game recently and said he didn’t like him.

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