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Mets pitcher R.A. Dickey joined the show to talk about his offseason and becoming a free agent after next season. Dickey is due to make $5 million next season after winning the Cy Young this year.

Dan asked how his age contributes to his pursuit for a big contract. “As a knuckleballer, some of your vintage years are late 30s, early 40s,” Dickey said. Dickey noted that Phil Niekro won into his 40s, and knuckleballers’ arms should be fine as long as other parts of their body don’t break down.

Dan asked if he’s prepared to leave the Mets if it comes to that. “I am,” Dickey said. “I would certainly be sad about it. I enjoy the connection I have with the New York fan base.”

Dan asked if he would ever demand a trade. “Is it in me? Possibly,” Dickey said. “I wouldn’t rule it out. It’d have to be a tough situation for me to do that. That’s not my style. ”

Dickey said that it is tough to play hard ball in this arena. “When you go through contract talks, it’s tough not to take it personally,” Dickey said.

Dickey said one time the knuckleball left him in 2008 and he would wake up worrying about it. “I don’t have those concerns any more because I’ve built it into my muscle memory,” Dickey said.

Dan asked Dickey who has the second best knuckleball on the Mets. Dickey said outfielder Lucas Duda has a good one.

Dan asked if winning the Cy Young has changed his day-to-day life. “It’s become a notch more busy. Nothing I can’t manage. It’s given me a larger platform to do the things I love to do outside baseball.”

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