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Monday: James Lofton
Monday: Kato Kaelin in studio
Monday: Josh Altman in studio
Monday: Jay Onrait in studio

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Paul PabstRT @Kato_Kaelin: Driving 2 DP show in LA, I'm guessing I might b late @PaulPabst @NBCSports @DIRECTV @FilmOnTV #blindspot #noexit https://t…50 mins ago
Paul PabstRT @JayOnrait: Appearing on the @dpshow in a few minutes after I eat that entire bowl of fruit in the Green Room. @PaulPabst…51 mins ago
SetonIs it me or does this razor look like @brooklynfritzy? mins ago
Andrew Perloff@JBFlint so, I made observation today. People who have problem with the NFL thought it was a catch. Such a strong bias against the League.1 hour ago
Paul PabstFun show today...@JayOnrait is ransacking the green room. He will be on set next. @dpshow2 hours ago

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Dr Cork GainesKato Kaelin on the @dpshow mins ago
AUDI 5G'sUgh hour 2 of the podcast is wrong...its last week episode @dpshow @PaulPabst @HiMyNameIsSeton @andrewperloff13 mins ago
Ayaz.@JayOnrait was funny always on @dpshow. Looking forward to DP on @JayAndDan podcast this week. @PaulPabst @HiMyNameIsSeton @andrewperloff18 mins ago
Brent RoseCringing with you, @HiMyNameIsSeton @dpshow22 mins ago