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Angels outfielder Josh Hamilton joined the show to talk about why he left the Rangers and what he expects in Southern California.

Dan asked why the Angels. Hamilton said it started with prayer and it felt like the right choice.

“My support system is wherever I go,” Hamilton said, noting God, his family and his “accountability” supporter.

Hamilton said he gave the Rangers the first shot at a contract offer and they didn’t jump. He said he thinks the Rangers thought he was comfortable and they had plenty of time. But he and his wife wanted to go out and find out what was out there.

Hamilton said the Mariners didn’t come after him as hard as some people thought. And Hamilton did confirm the Yankees were in the mix.

Hamilton talked about the Rangers fans booing him. He said he was hot early and fans may have raised their expectations to a level that was a little too high. He didn’t sound surprised fans were upset.

“If I don’t start well [with the Angels], I’m sure I’ll get booed,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton addressed reasons he seemed off at the end of the season. “I quit chewing tobacco, plain and simple,” Hamilton said.

Dan asked who he felt was under more pressure in Dallas — him or Tony Romo.”It’s no comparison,” Hamilton said. “It’s a football town.”

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